Enormous developments in The Walking Dead changes Negan absolutely

Fans of the series are pleased with the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s decision

The Walking Dead ‘is an internationally popular film that tells the story of police officer Rick Grimes, played by actor Andrew Lincoln, who learns, when he wakes up from a coma, that the world he knew is now a destroyed and violent society where men transform into killer zombies, beings he would call «walkers.»

Rick manages to reunite with his family after overcoming an initial shock and joins a group of survivors whom he leads to trying to survive in a now wild and violent world. That’s why, in the first episode of the series, we are introduced to Rick Grimes exploring a Dantean space full of overturned and abandoned vehicles along with the occasional dead body.


The series ‘performance has been crucial in capturing millions of followers’ hearts.

Since October 31, 2010, the series has been produced by AMC and Fox Networks Group and since then the show has gained several viewers, and this has made it well received by critics who have managed to get it nominated for many awards, including the WGA New Series Award and the Golden Globe Best Dramatic Television Series Award.

This output also includes a six-pisode series named ‘The Walking Dead: Ripped Apart’ which was released exclusively online as a preview of the second season and acts as a spin-off and prequel to the original series. This mini-series follows the exploits of Hanna, the notorious half-torso zombie that Rick encounters in the first episode shortly after leaving the hospital.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan won't be a part of ' The Boys
Jeffrey Dean Morgan won’t be a part of ‘ The Boys

Dean Morgan will not be able to fly to film the scenes of the series ‘The Boys’ due to the coronavirus health emergency.

The fans of the zombie series are nevertheless very pleased after learning that they will no longer have to remember Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the American series ‘The Boys,’ who plays Negan in the series ‘The Walking Dead.’ This time it was all the coronavirus’ fault that the actor could not go to film the scenes because of travel restrictions.

Accordingly, the actor said: «I told everyone that the Covid-19 might really ruin that, so it would only appear for a few days.» He also clarified: «If Canada and the United States also have a two-week quarantine, that makes it unlikely. Hopefully, The Walking Dead fans can rest assured.

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